2011-10-26Programming for automation is in the works. Long overdue updates to the website are beginning. Check back soon for more information
2010-11-11This mosaic of Messier 33 contains 36 images in B, V, R, and H-Alpha bands. The compositing was done by Tearsa Monet.
2010-06-03 Before their graduation in April, Richard Pearson and Cameron Pace had done extensive research using ROVOR, a remote telescope facility of BYU. Looking for steady periodicity in Markarian 501, Richard gathered over 60 nights of data and analyzed it using SBP photometry, a new reduction method. Cameron prepared magnitudes for 42 comparison stars near 5 high energy blazars. Both have made considerable contributions which will help further the success of the ROVOR project.

  • Richard Pearson Senior Thesis
  • Cameron Pace Senior Thesis