ROVOR is operated primarly by undergraduate physics-astronomy majors under the direction of Dr. Moody.

Faculty: Current Team Members:
  • Bret Little - Software Engineer
  • Ben Boizelle - Team Leader
  • Kimberly Bates- Operations, Webmaster
  • Thayne McCombs- Programming Wizard
  • Marcus Holden- Team Member
  • Nathaly Zurita- IRAF Specialist (Curtesy of Dr. Hintz)
  • Jacob Nelson - Team Member Emeritus
  • John Smith - Team Member
  • Evan Hansen- Weather Station and Imaging
Past Team Members (& where they went):
  • Richard Pearson - Communication and control (University of Dever)
  • Cameron Pace - Communication and control (University of Indiana)
  • Jana Harrison - Science (Northern Arizona University)
  • Chris Olsen - Research Team Leader (Louisiana State University)
  • Aaron Paget - Weather Station, Construction (University of Florida)
  • Paul Iverson - Software Engineer, LabView (Med School, Texas)
  • Eric Allen - Construction (Med school, The Ohio State University)
  • Adam Johanson - Construction (Iowa State University)
  • Peter Brown - Science, GRBs (Penn State University)
  • Joe Hopper - LabView Programmer (Industry in California)
  • Ted Maxwell - Communication, Electronics (University of Indiana)
  • Ben Wilson - Construction (East Coast)
  • Jason Gilbert - LabView (The University of Michigan)
  • John Madsen - (MS in AMO at BYU)
  • Jonathan Barnes - (MS in Astronomy, BYU; Faculty at Salt Lake Community College)